June yoga weekend

The focus for our Winter yoga weekend is Ayurveda. Known as the 'sister-science' to yoga, this ancient practice has stood the test of time. It's all about balance. As far as what to eat or how to practice yoga, there isn't necessarily a right or wrong, it depends on an individual's own constitution, the season, time of day, climate, and even time of life.

In Winter we need to eat warm, slowly cooked foods - in Summer our agni (or digestive fire) can handle more raw, crunchy food like salads. In Winter our yoga practice also needs to be warming, to create more fire and include grounding postures to connect us with the earth and to counter the frazzled, vata energy created by the cold and wind of cool Winter air.

Over the weekend you will learn some of the very basics of Ayurveda (there is SO much to it!) in our yoga classes and meals.

Each day our yoga asana practice will start with one of the seven moving principles by the wonderful Donna Farhi, and finish with an Ayurveda topic. The seven principles are a very helpful framework to consider while practicing yoga, no matter how basic or advanced the posture may be. Without these,  we are simply moving mechanically.

Class 1: Principle: Breathe, followed by The Doshas. Yogis take home a dosha checklist to complete.
Class 2: Principle: Yield, followed by Abhyanga - the practice of self massage.
Class 3: Principle:  Radiate,  followed by Reducing Ama - and the practice of tongue scraping.
Class 4: Principles: Centre & Support, followed by Agni - the digestive fire.
Class 5: Principles: Align & Engage, followed by Rajas, Tamas and Sattva - the three universal qualities.

We will also use beautiful Ayurvedic essential oils in our yoga classes.


Saturday 11th June, 2016
YOGA - The Old Kirk - 6.30am - 8am
BREAKFAST - The Cottage - 8.15am
YOGA- The Old Kirk - 5.30pm-7pm
TAKE HOME DINNER - Available after class at The Old Kirk 7pm

Sunday 12th June, 2016
YOGA - The Old Kirk - 7.00am - 8.30am
YOGA- The Old Kirk - 4.30pm-6pm
WHOLEFOOD DINNER - The Cottage - 7pm
SATSANG - The Cottage - to follow after dinner

Monday 13th June, 2016
YOGA - The Old Kirk - 7.00am - 8.30am
Retreat ends, we say goodbye.

$300 per person.
Includes five yoga classes, one take home meal, one shared breakfast, a shared whole foods feast and a group discussion/Ayurveda tutorial.

Accommodation and transport aren't included - Please get in touch if you need advice.

We will also have the following products available to purchase:
- Ayurveda Dosha oil blends.
- Pure copper tongue scrapers
- Lavender and silk eye bags.