Yoga immersion with Sarah

Join me this August for a Yoga Immersion! Six yoga classes over four days- a great opportunity to immerse yourself in yoga. The course is suitable for complete beginners to committed yoga practitioners.

Yoga is best practiced regularly. A small amount every day is preferable to a very long class only occasionally. This prompted my idea for a yoga immersion, where I teach a short sequence over a series of classes which students can learn and take home with them for a regular practice.  Included in the yoga immersion is an audio recording of the sequence - in case you need some reminding!

Throughout the immersion, I also encourage you to look at attachments, and challenge yourself to give up something over the four days. This may be an unhealthy food habit or too much time on social media,  or it may be something like repeated negative thinking or a short temper with family members or work colleagues.

Each class will start with our 'immersion sequence' and finish with a different principle or yoga practice.

Class 1. Introduction to the immersion sequence, followed by yoga nidra.
Class 2. The immersion sequence, followed by back bending postures.
Class 3. The immersion sequence, followed by restorative yoga postures.
Class 4. The immersion sequence, followed by pranayama.
Class 5.  The immersion sequence, followed by partner postures and massage/adjustments.
Class 6. The immersion sequence followed by an open class. (This class is open to other students to attend)

Our classes will take place in the mornings and evenings. This means you can carry on with your regular day while still taking time for yourself.  It can be like a mini retreat at home!

Dates and times:
Wednesday 3rd August 5.30pm
Thursday 4th August 6.30am
Thursday 4th August 5.30pm
Friday 5th August 6.30am
Friday 5th August 5.30pm
Saturday 6th August 8.30 am (This class is open to everyone but included in the immersion)

Classes are for one hour.

The Old Kirk, at the Yamba Museum
(Near the Yamba Golf Club)

$115 per person
Includes six yoga classes and an audio recording of the yoga sequence.

Yoga mats and props are provided but please feel free to bring your own if you prefer.